Friday, April 20, 2012

Photography Class

Here are some photos I accumulated during a Creative Photography course I took at the Baker-Hunt Arts and Cultural Center. It was a great course and I learned a lot, which may not be saying much since I really didn't know as much as I had previously thought. In any case, these are some of my best and my favorites from the various field trips and assignments we did over the 12 weeks. Enjoy!

The assignment for this was "light." I was in my room watching TV and on my laptop with the lights off and noticed how bright it was despite the lights off and darkness outside.

For the "motion" assignment. Cars going through the I-75 underpass at Pike St (?).

For the "old" assignment. I am a bibliophile, and this is the oldest book I own. Almost 200 years old!

On one of our last field trips we were looking for puddles to get shots of reflections in them.

For the "reflection" assignment. The Ascent as seen in the RiverCenter towers at sunset.

For the "shape" assignment. Easter eggs!

The Cincinnati skyline. One of my possible alternatives for the "reflection" assignment.

Our beautiful Suspension Bridge.

These next few were the result of an in class assignment we did. Pouring colored water into a glass with filtered light behind. A simple set up with amazing results.

Another example of motion. This was the railroad underpass at Pike and Russell Streets.

The Hearne House in Licking Riverside. My parents used to live there, before it was fixed up.

A field trip through Licking Riverside. The weather was so beautiful for several weeks so we just went out shooting pretty often.

Another possible motion shot. Cars along 3 L Highway (Madison) at night.

A swarm of bugs along the Ohio River.

A few of my classmates and our fearless leader in the center.

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Madison Ave. as seen on a car.