Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beautiful Filth

Sometimes when I'm walking around I notice the dirt and the grime, the cracks and stains, the rust and the just plain odd. And, I think it all has it's own unique charm. Here are some examples of Covington's charm, up close and personal. This is not meant to showcase anything bad, just a different way of thinking about it. This is a more abstract post, so think outside the box.

 P.S. If you think you have a guess about what or where something is (or have no idea and would like to know), leave a comment! (Hint: I was in the Seminary Square/Westside neighborhoods for most, and a few are from around my house.)

The rusted bottom of our fire pit.

A brick from my house.

Another brick.

And one more brick.

The lint vent from our dryer.

A close up of my upstairs wood floor.

A plant in my room.

Scum draining down a pillar in the 8th St. railroad underpass.

An upside down view of the 8th St. underpass.

A chunk missing from the underpass.

Some more stuff along the wall of the underpass.

Rusty spots on a sign for a parking lot.

Ok, not really filthy, but still cool.

Close up of a stone wall outside a house on Russell St.


Close up of some ivy.

The empty shell of a pay phone.

Rusty staples on a telephone pole.

Rusted sign post.

Telephone pole.

Cracking asphalt.

Broken glass.

Brick dust on the sidewalk.

Another close up of a stone wall.

Peeling paint on a brick house.

Dry mud along Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

More bark.

A stain on the sidewalk.

Oil stains in the street.

Cracked sidewalks.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring in Winter

Just some pictures that I've collected over this so called "winter" so far. Sorry about the lack of posts, I've just been preoccupied with other things.